Your working space reflects your business...what do your walls say? Through Living Prints' custom artwork consulting process, we can create unique pieces that represent your message -- whatever that may be. 




* Display Logos, Values & Mission Statements

* Feature Project Sites, Equipment & Clients

* Staff, Team and Events Images

* Access to 1,000s of Great Stock Images

* Service Awards, Client-Gifting & More







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Access to thousands of abstract art images in any custom shape & size.

Use your architectural drawings as art.

Classic Black & White Boardroom Series, feature your clients, sites & equipment.

Customized Slogan Print.

Personalized Motivational Pieces, choose from several designs on file, or create your very own.

Company mission & values make great personalized artwork.

Abstract Art for Boardroom, access to 1,000s of different images.

Display your project sites with pride.

Staff Recognition Wall, create the collage you have always wanted.

Reward your staff with custom awards and recognition pieces.

Share your success with visitors, display a gallery of your top clients or projects.

We do custom framing of your certificates and designations.

Feature your best customers.

Get the specific size, style and colour of artwork that your unique space needs.

Living Prints for Businesses



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